Welcome to Mrs. Susan Gonzalez's Classroom BlogPortal!

Welcome to our exploration of writing!  In this unit, you will be using our class blog to respond to writing prompts and class discussions.

Please observe the following netiquette while posting, chatting, emailing, etc.  These rules are not only for class, but for anytime you are online!

1.Avoid hurting someone's feelings with e-mail.

2. Respect other people's online rights.

3. Avoid insulting someone unless you want to start a flame war.
A flame war is when angry people try to punish each other with e-mail. 

4. If someone insults you, be calm.

 5. Avoid "crashing" discussion groups or forums. (I will assign groups and pair/shares)

 6. Respect the privacy of other people.

 7. Be responsible online.

8. Help other people learn more about the Net. (http://www.bpl.org/kids/Netiquette.htm)

Happy blogging!

Mrs. Gee




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